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40 Days of United Prayer 2020

Zoom Meeting

NAAFCA 40 DAYS OF UNITED PRAYER: The North American Adventist Filipino Churches Association (NAAFCA) launched a 40 Days of United Prayer from September 15-October 24, 2020. This was to spiritually prepare us for our 1st NAAFCA Convocation which began on October 25, 2020. “We should hold convocations for prayer…"—Ellen G. White, In Heavenly Places, p. 93 Below are some of the devotionals from previous 40-day of Prayer Meetings:


Virtual Convocation

Zoom Meeting

JOIN OUR LIVESTREAM THROUGH FACEBOOK Virtual Convocation We are excited to bring you a full program of spiritual messages and uplifting music, as well as warm fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ through zoom. VIEW CONVOCATION PROGRAM SCHEDULE Featured Convocation Speakers Sun PM Dr. Eddie F. General NAAFCA Treasurer/NPUC/APM Coordinator Sermon Title: Lord, Teach Us To Pray Scriptures: Luke 11:1 Mon AM Dr. Limuel Liwanag NAAFCA PUC Chapter, President Sermon Title: Hope in Christ Scriptures: PS 42:1-2 Mon PM Dr. Pliny Fondevilla NAAFCA President Sermon Title: If My People... Scriptures: 2 Chron 7:14 Tues AM Dr. Ferdinand [...]

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