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Virtual Festival of Praise

We are excited to bring you a full program of spiritual messages and uplifting music, as well as warm fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ through zoom.

Featured Praise Festival Speakers

Friday 1/29 Friday 1/29
6pm PST
8pm CST

Pastor Lemuel Niere
Senior Pastor of Glendale Filipino
Seventh-day Adventist Church

Sabbath 1/30 Sabbath 1/30

Dr. Lawrence Gayao
Vice President for Religious
Affairs SWUC, NAAFCA Sub Chapter

Sabbath 1/30 Sabbath 1/30
8:10 AM PST
10:10 AM CST

Pastor Emmanuel Jardiniano
Pastor Filipino Churches,
New Jersey Conference

Sabbath 1/30 Sabbath 1/30
9:00 AM PST
11:00 AM CST

Pastor Jose Manalo
Pastor of Loma Linda
Filipino SDA Church

Sabbath 1/30 Sabbath 1/30
10:15 AM PST
12:15 PM CST

Pastor Roger Biscaro
Pastor, West Park SDA, Canada

Sabbath 1/30 Sabbath 1/30
1:30 PM PST
3:30 PM CST

Pastor Simeon Rosete
Senior Pastor
Central Filipino SDA Church

Sabbath 1/30 Sabbath 1/30
2:45 PM PST
4:45 PM CST

Pastor Emmanuel Panugao
Pastor, Stockton and East Bay Fil-Am

Sabbath 1/30 Sabbath 1/30
3:45 PM PST
5:45 PM CST

Pastor Rolando Baysa
Pastor, Metropolitan and Mainland SDA Church
District and Exec Secretary – NAAFCA
Sermon:“Praises from Old Creation to the New Creation”

Sabbath 1/30 Sabbath 1/30
4:20 PM PST
6:20 PM CST

Pastor Pliny Fondevilla
NAAFCA President &
Sermon: “Thanks to Guys Like Hur”

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