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Virtual Convocation

We are excited to bring you a full program of spiritual messages and uplifting music, as well as warm fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ through zoom.

Featured Convocation Speakers

Sun PM Pastor Eddie General

Dr. Eddie F. General
NAAFCA Treasurer/NPUC/APM Coordinator

Sermon Title: Lord, Teach Us To Pray
Scriptures: Luke 11:1

Mon AM

Dr. Limuel Liwanag
NAAFCA PUC Chapter, President

Sermon Title: Hope in Christ
Scriptures: PS 42:1-2

Mon PM

Dr. Pliny Fondevilla
NAAFCA President

Sermon Title: If My People…
Scriptures: 2 Chron 7:14

Tues AM

Dr. Ferdinand Regalado
SWUC Sub Chapter, Treasurer

Sermon Title: When The Storm Comes
Scriptures: LK 8:23-24

Tues PM

Pastor Charles Ojano
NAAFCA Vice President for Canada

Sermon Title: Look Unto Me
Scriptures: Isaiah 45:22

Wed AM Pastor Catangay

Pastor Danny Catangay
NAAFCA, Florida Conference Pastor

Sermon Title: Jesus Walks On Water
Scriptures: Matt 14:26

Wed PM Pastor Moralde

Pastor Elbert Moralde
NAAFCA Vice President for USA

Scriptures: John 16:33

Thu AM Pastor Lagundino

Pastor Martin Lagundino

Sermon:When the Devil Makes A Deal with God
Scriptures: Mark 4:40

Thu PM

Dr. Guillermo Gucilatar
NAAFCA, Previous President

Sermon Title: It Depends Whose Hands
Scriptures: Ecc 9:10

Fri AM Pastor Pasikatan

Pastor Gerry Pasikatan
NAAFCA (FAMCC), Canada Chapter

Sermon Title: Jesus Is The Answer
Scriptures: John 16:33

Fri PM Pastor Belonio

Pastor Dan Belonio
NAAFCA Communication Director

Sermon Title: No Worries, Trust God
Scriptures: John 14:1-3

Sat AM pastor baltazar

Pastor Don Baltazar
NAAFCA East Coast Chapter President

Sermon Title: The End Of All Crises
Scriptures:Rev. 14:6-7

Sabbath School pastor sacay

Pastor Ely Sacay
Vice President, Asian-Pacific Ministries, SECC

Sermon: From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained!
Text: Rev.21:3-5

Sabbath Worship pastor arreola

Dr. Vic Arreola III
NAAFCA Adviser &NAD APM Director

Sermon:Unity in Time of Crises
Text: 1 Cor 1:10

AY Speaker Pastor Santa Ana

Pastor Glen Sta Ana
NAAFCA APM/Arizona Conference Director

Sermon:Identity In Christ in Crisis
Text: 1 Pet 2:9

Sat PM Pastor Madrid

Pastor David Madrid
NAAFCA Hawaii Conference/APM Director

Sermon:Jesus is Always On Time
Text: John 14:6

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