Featured Convocation Speakers

Sun PM Pastor Eddie General

Dr. Eddie F. General
NAAFCA Treasurer/NPUC/APM Coordinator

Sermon Title: Lord, Teach Us To Pray
Scriptures: Luke 11:1

Mon AM

Dr. Limuel Liwanang
NAAFCA PUC Chapter, President

Sermon Title: Hope in Christ
Scriptures: PS 42:1-2

Mon PM

Dr. Pliny Fondevilla
NAAFCA President

Sermon Title: If My People…
Scriptures: 2 Chron 7:14

Tues AM

Dr. Ferdinand Regalado
SWUC Sub Chapter, Treasurer

Sermon Title: When The Storm Comes
Scriptures: LK 8:23-24

Tues PM

Pastor Charles Ojano
NAAFCA Vice President for Canada

Sermon Title: Look Unto Me
Scriptures: Isaiah 45:22

Wed AM Pastor Catangay

Pastor Danny Catangay
NAAFCA, Florida Conference Pastor

Sermon Title: Jesus Walks On Water
Scriptures: Matt 14:26

Wed PM Pastor Moralde

Pastor Elbert Moralde
NAAFCA Vice President for USA

Scriptures: John 16:33

Thu AM Pastor Lagundino

Pastor Martin Lagundino

Sermon:When the Devil Makes A Deal with God
Scriptures: Mark 4:40

Thu PM

Dr. Guillermo Gucilatar
NAAFCA, Previous President

Sermon Title: It Depends Whose Hands
Scriptures: Ecc 9:10

Fri AM Pastor Pasikatan

Pastor Gerry Pasikatan
NAAFCA (FAMCC), Canada Chapter

Sermon Title: Jesus Is The Answer
Scriptures: John 16:33

Fri PM Pastor Belonio

Pastor Dan Belonio
NAAFCA Communication Director

Sermon Title: No Worries, Trust God
Scriptures: John 14:1-3

Sat AM pastor baltazar

Pastor Don Baltazar
NAAFCA East Coast Chapter President

Sermon Title: The End Of All Crises
Scriptures:Rev. 14:6-7

Sabbath School pastor sacay

Pastor Ely Sacay
Vice President, Asian-Pacific Ministries, SECC

Sermon: From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained!
Text: Rev.21:3-5

Sabbath Worship pastor arreola

Dr. Vic Arreola III
NAAFCA Adviser &NAD APM Director

Sermon:Unity in Time of Crises
Text: 1 Cor 1:10

AY Speaker Pastor Santa Ana

Pastor Glen Sta Ana
NAAFCA APM/Arizona Conference Director

Sermon:Identity In Christ in Crisis
Text: 1 Pet 2:9

Sat PM Pastor Madrid

Pastor David Madrid
NAAFCA Hawaii Conference/APM Director

Sermon:Jesus is Always On Time
Text: John 14:6